Hey folks!

Sorry for being out to lunch so long. I wish I was a gregarious, peppy, constantly networking kinda’ guy but I’m just not. I’m like a lizard who’s always looking for just the right spot on a warm rock in the sun and when I find it I lie there in dreamy, perfect semi-consciousness until the weather changes and I’m forced to do something else. Anyway, the weather has changed and I’m moving again.

A couple years ago my good friend Georgie Jessup kindly agreed to be the custodian of a tall stack of boxes full of my archival music and music-busyness reviews and magazines, contracts, publicity photos, interviews, etc., and she eventually went through it and found an old copy of Cashbox which listed their writer’s favorite 10 albums of the year. Meet Me at the Crux was listed as one of the top albums of 1978 by some of the Cash Box writers. There were even 3 or 4 who listed it above records that are now classics: Springsteen’s Darkness at the Edge of Town, John Prine’s Bruised Orange, Van Morrison’s Wavelength… I don’t remember a thing about this happening!? You’d think I would, right? Well I’m impressed NOW! I must have been busy tending my bruises from Elektra placing a full page add in Rolling Stone upon my record’s release then abruptly stopping promotion after only 2 months!? Or maybe I’d found a warm rock under a perfect sun somewhere. The better I get to know myself, the weirder I find I am. You guys ever think about yourselves like that?
I’m really asking for your answers!

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