I played the final online “Live, Steaming Dirk” show of 2020 last Sunday, October 25! It was the fourth in a series of online, streaming concerts. The series was created in lieu of live gigs I had to cancel due to the ‘you-know-what’. The concept is simple: Play one concert every two months without repeating any songs. So far it’s been fun and soul nourishing. I’m deeply touched by the response I’ve received. I’ve gotten nothing but compliments, well wishes and heartwarming stories from folks about their favorite songs and what they’ve meant to them in their lives. I received so many PayPal and Venmo and snail-mail contributions that I’ve been able to concentrate exclusively on working on new songs and preparing for the concerts.

THIS is more freeing and marvelous than I can say! It’s Ginormous! THANK YOU A TRILLION times over, guys!

If you know anyone you think would enjoy these shows, please tell them to join my email list at and we’ll email them the details for future concerts. The next concert will be January, 2021. We’re not sure about the exact day yet. You can contact me at anytime. I love hearing from y’all!

Hope, Love and Clarity!


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