Hello All You Good-uns!

Most of you probably know I had to cancel all my dates in California. I’ve been holed up here in Texas reading, watching and working on new stuff. I’d like to show you some of the new songs. I’ll play some of the older stuff too and just kinda’ hang out with ya’ for a while and see what happens.

9am Hawaii, 12 noon West Coast, 2pm Texas time, 3pm East Coast, 9pm Europe on Facebook.
I’m hoping those who can will contribute to the cause. I haven’t worked for months now.

Venmo: @DirkHamilton-1
Or USPS @ Dirk Hamilton 2220 Coit Rd, STE 480-101. Plano TX 75075
You can do it now or after the ‘show’ or whenever you’d like… feel free!

If you can’t, it’s absolutely cool. I have a deep familiarity with not having ‘extra money’ and/or ‘not enough’ money and, gawd forbid, ‘no money’! So it’s all good. We’ll send you more information as we figure out how to do this thing. My daughter Phoebe is producing and if anything goes wrong please blame it on her not me!

NEW LIVE AT THE PALMS CD is available at all the usual CD and downloading outlets, including CDBaby. Autographed copies are available for $15 plus shipping from

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