Hello, Everybody!

A few months ago IAC Records contacted me, offering to release a new live CD of a concert of mine that they’d recorded at The Palms Playhouse in Winters, California way back in 2009. I checked out the recordings. They sounded pretty darn good. I sent the engineer a list of stuff I wanted fixed or altered. They remixed and mastered and now it’s a new release! I’m real pleased with it. I remember we’d just returned from touring Italy playing mostly songs from the More Songs From My Cool Life album and the band was sharp and shiny.

The day of the concert was stormy grey and lidded with black clouds. There were downed trees and power lines on the roads and some were flooded out. We arrived late for sound check and so did the sound guys. We wondered if there would even be a show that night. A tidy little audience did eventually arrive and the show went on. It was one of those magical nights.

The band consists of the smart and tasty Don Evans, who’d been my right hand guitar slinger since the ABC and Elektra days. Eric Westphal on bass (with whom I’ve written some of my favorite songs) and Tim Seifert on drums. He’s the most uncannily sensitive drummer I’ve ever played with.

I love these guys, love these recordings, and my love goes out to you always, good people of the planet.


NEW LIVE AT THE PALMS CD is now available at all the usual CD and downloading outlets, including CDBaby. Autographed copies are available for $15 plus shipping from

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