Dirk Hamilton Steaming Live #6


WEST COAST - 12 NOON, TEXAS - 2PM, EAST COAST - 3PM, EUROPE - 9PM (please double check the time for your country)

I hope you’ll come to the show. I’m pleased with the set list that’s evolved. I’m pretty sure I’ll be playing the longest song I’ve ever written: “Waiting for the Good Guys to Come”. It’s from 13 to 15 plus minutes long. Been working on it for well over a year off and on. I’m not sure what it is, maybe you can tell me. I rediscovered “Thailand” from ‘The Ghost of Van Gogh’ album and a slew of others, including ‘Wasn’t that One Night Good’ from ‘You Can Sing on the Left or Bark on the Right’ my very first record. It’s really been a trip going back and listening to and playing songs from the past like this. It evokes just about every emotion a human can have.

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I wish you all good luck and love


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