To whomever might give a Flyin’ Fadunkus:

We’re approaching our second-year anniversary living in Mora, New Mexico and we’re still diggin’ it.

The weather here is beautiful (when it’s not freezing or burning or flooding) and the wildlife’s amazing. Last year we evacuated due to the Calf Canyon/Hermit’s Peak fires but since we returned I’ve recorded 18 songs at The Kitchen Sink recording studio in Santa Fe and will hopefully glean two albums from that. I’ll likely play more live gigs both online and on the east and west coasts this year and might even try and get back to Italy! I’m pleased with the new songs. Thanks Jono Manson for the topnotch recording and thanks once again to all of you who contributed the bucks to get this project underway. I’ll keep y’all updated with occasional email blasts.

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