Dear Fellow Citizens of our Beleaguered Planet

The fourth online event has finally been scheduled! As usual, all the songs I’ll play will be ones I didn’t play in the previous shows. Expect songs from You Can Sing on the Left or Bark on the Right all the way through the entire catalogue and into a long queue of stuff waiting to be recorded. A Muse has already chosen the tunes I’ll likely play but you can still make requests at if you like. I’ll try and play as many as I can.

We’ll be almost at the beginning of the holiday season by the 25th of this month, so all you folks who’ve been asking for “Walk on Lake George”? You can expect to hear it! This will likely be the final concert of 2020 for me. Thanks for all the love and support. Hope you can make it to the show.

Sponsored by: Sunroom Songwriters Series House Concerts (thanks, guys!)

West Coast - 12 NOON , Texas - 2pm, East Coast - 3pm, Europe - 9pm.
(please double check this for your particular country)

If you can contribute to my cause, that’d be great!

Venmo: @DirkHamilton-1
Snail Mail: 2220 Coit Rd, STE 480-101. Plano TX 75075

If you can’t contribute… you’re always welcome nonetheless!

NEW LIVE AT THE PALMS CD is available at all the usual CD and downloading outlets, including CDBaby. Autographed copies are available for $15 plus shipping from

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