Hey, All

So, we’re finally, inch by bit, sneaking into our little adobe abode in Mora, New Mexico! It’s been a long, drawn-out slog and it’s not over yet but we finally do have some movement! The pressing challenge now is to get the place winterized before the snow arrives. It’s a 1940’s fixer-upper (and still in escrow)!

October 6th I’ll be flying to the east coast to do the three gigs listed below. This will be the first time I’ve flown since the pandemic began and the first time I’ve performed on stage in over two years! I have no idea what to expect… Will people come? Will I still have my live show chops? Whatever transpires… I will play. If I stink up the place, I’ll hole up somewhere and practice ‘til I find a zone where the songs breathe and shine again.

I believe that when you’re ‘called’ to be an artist and accept that calling, then you simply be an artist. You find a way. If there’s no money in it, you do it for free. If you make good money… great! It’s not a profession, it’s a path that eventually leads you to becoming… yourself. The art you scatter along the way is your payback to The One who offered you the job, and the people you loved along the way. This might sound corny to some but it’s true, or so I believe.

When I was a kid I found myself writing poems and short stories and cajoled my parents into springing for an acoustic guitar. It was an F-hole, sunburst Harmony. I learned whatever songs that tickled my fancy. I was fascinated by the interplay of words with music and playing with words and music was just that… play. I had no idea I was becoming an artist.

If old age steals my voice, I’ll probably attempt to write a book. I’m not sure I could create anything I’d want to drop on the public but I’d give it the old college-dropout try. It’d be an adventure playing with the words on that level.

“I know They’re Only English Words but I Like ‘Em!”
(Sung to the tune of “I know it’s only rock ‘n’ roll.”)

I hope you all have some kind of similar passion in your lives. Words and music give my life shape and meaning. When they’re pure and true, they are love.

In these dark and troubled times, I wish you all light my friends!



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