NEW IN 2016

Just released in 2016 "Touch and Go" is an album of 13 songs recorded and produced by Rob Laufer in Los Angeles, California. This CD must be ranked among the best of Dirk Hamilton's long and prolific career. The seemingly off handed poetic lyrics for which he is known are set in sparkling new songs and moving performances that inspire just about every emotion of which a sentient homo sapien is capable.

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NEW in 2013

Sweatshop Piñata CD is available for sale at the Dirk Hamilton Store on this site.

This new CD is the first studio album by Dirk and the Italian band he fronts every summer; The Bluesmen. It's like nothing else he's ever done, it's "Most of the Best of Dirk Hamilton and The Bluesmen" and it's been a long time comin'.

Fan Reviews:

"Really enjoying getting into the new CD.  Favourites so far are 'Follow Your Bliss', 'Everybody's Blues',  'Where Are All The Rebels',  'Unreachable' and 'Kalea' – discovering more things I like with each listen, love the way it's gradually revealing itself."
— Dan, London

"I love the songs, and the recording is awesome."
— Hillorie, Los Angeles

"Solo Mono is another masterpiece. It’s raw, and real and nothing distracts from the songs, which are great. You are a real artist without ever sounding like you are trying to be. It amazes me that one of the very few true song poets in the world remains virtually unknown. I suspect yours must be a very hard road, but never quit Dirk."
— Giles, Australia