A Letter from Dirk

Hello Good People of Earth-

I just happened to see Tom Hanks doing an interview in which he opined that about 80% of human beings are good hearted and honest while around 20% are self-serving liars. I’ve always thought something like that myself and have always believed that most of the and powerful in the world spring from that dark 20% and that that is THE problem with humanity and the ugly world it perpetually creates for itself.

I remember when I was a shiny, new hippy in the 70’s in California and would visit my extended family in Indiana. Inevitably the subject of Vietnam would crop up and I’d try and explain to them how that war was corrupt and unjust. Aside from the feeble ‘My country right or wrong; my country!’ kind of repost, I’d get no real arguments from anyone. What I usually got from them was embarrassed silence. Why embarrassment? I couldn’t understand it. Years later it dawned on me that it was a cultural thing. I think they thought I was absolutely presumptuous thinking I knew better than Lyndon Johnson, even though they all were staunch Republicans. Most my family worked in the Gary steel mills. They were good working class people, people who maybe felt they weren’t qualified to have an opinion, people who were, I think, under the illusion that there existed above them a special class of people who were wiser and rich and more or less looking after them (trickle down economics!?). When my cousins were drafted they simply dropped everything and reported for duty. Thank god they, unlike Houston Box, the leader of my first rock band, all returned.

During another visit to Hobart, Indiana at the time I was putting out records on major labels, a waitress at a diner asked me what kind of music I did and I answered, with the typical arrogance I suffered under during that period, “Music for smart people!” She looked at me as if I’d slapped her in the face and that was the end of all communication with her. She obviously didn’t think she was a smart person! I did. I thought she was plenty smart. Too many people don’t think they’re qualified to think and so fall prey to the Invisible Powers who’s propagandists, playing on misplaced fears and convoluted prejudices, dupe them into voting against their own best interests.
I saw another thing; something like 63% of democrats say they accept the science of evolution as true and only 47% of republicans believe it. Both statistics are so sad. Millions of Americans still believe the world was created 10, 000 years ago or less!? Too many people simply refuse to think. Remember the times when most of the intelligentsia of the world wouldn’t accept the ‘theory’ that the earth is round? Ignorance is a powerful, negative force. The world is dying of it. Isn’t Pope Francis a breath of fresh air?

‘dive for dreams or a slogan may topple you’
ee cummings

Hallelujah Anyway!
Kenneth Patchen



P.S. We are in the process of re-printing ‘sufferupachuckle’, one of my very favorite albums. Dusty Wakeman produced it in 1995. It was the easiest album I’ve ever had the pleasure of making. It was recorded live in the studio as usual. David Hayes played bass, Jim Christie drums, David Halley, lead guitar, Skip Edwards, keyboards and Gia Ciambotti and Anthony Crawford sang. The studio version of ‘Askin’ for Apples’ that should have been on this album is now the first track and a bonus track , ‘You’re in Love with YOU’ is at the end. It will soon be available online and at all the upcoming gigs.





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