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Heyhowdy, everybody —

I’m in Southern California now. Just played McCabe's in Santa Monica. What a great place. It’s a guitar shop and a listening room. It’s a venerated place that’s been going for something like 50 years. People come there to listen and participate in the music. Every time I play there, it reminds me of the late 60’s, early 70’s when folks had a reverence for music and came to little concert venues expecting to be spiritually nourished. There never will be an app for that. The sense of the shared moment in which life suddenly made sense, the experiencing of real magic in the world, it happened in these places. But these places are dropping like flies these days and only a spattering of them remain across our country. The same thing is happening in Europe. Maybe the saddest thing is that most people don’t even know that these things exist in the world. These television star competition shows are what the majority knows of music and performers — the phony smile, the 'hip' clothes. Hip used to refer to consciousness, now it only means stylish. A corporate hell has developed and is growing and it takes acts of courage and will to avoid being swallowed up by it.

I’m playing another of these 'points of light' Sunday night, September 23rd -- the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley. Now that it’s getting close, I’m asking myself, “Why did I accept a gig in that relatively huge venue on a Sunday and in football season?!” I must have been in a rare state of wild optimistic blither.

Anyway, I will play come 50 or 5 people. This line of work for me has become ‘my practice’ as the Buddhists would say. It’s my meditation, a very public meditation, granted, but that’s the nature of the performing arts. Please come if you can. It’s a wonderful club and my last night in California this year.

go to: concertwindow.com/shows/dirk-hamilton

Sun. Sept. 23rd 8 p.m. The Freight & Salvage

Berkeley, 2020 Addison Street

P.S. At McCabes the other night, I was so much into the flow and moment that I never talked about having CDs for sale (typical). Well there were and there are CDs for sale. “Solo Mono”, my new solo in-studio CD and “Thug of Love Live”, a live CD/DVD from the 30th anniversary of the Elektra album “Thug of Love” Italian tour. Go to dirkhamilton.com to order these and other albums and…. remember to always go the distance! (right LEA?)


Fall 2012


Sun. Sept. 23 — Berkeley
The Freight and Salvage
2020 Addison Street
Fri. October 26 — Switzerland
Sumiswald Festival
Neuhausgassli 3
3454 Sumiswald, Switzerland
034 431 22 60
more concerts tba

US East Coast
Wed. Nov 14 — Maryland
Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts
801 Chase Street
Annapolis, Maryland 21401
7:30 pm
The Good-to-the-Bone
Georgie Jessup opens
Thurs. Nov.15 — Virginia
Ashland Coffee and Tea
100 N. Railroad Ave.
Ashland, Virginia 23005
Fri. Nov. 16th — Pennsylvania
The Psalm Salon
5841 Overbrook Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19131
The Amazing Georgie Jessup opens
Sat. Nov. 17 — Maryland
One World Coffee House
Unitarian Universalist Congregation
7246 Craderock Way
Columbia, Maryland
The Inimitable Georgie Jessup opens
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