A letter from Dirk

Hey, Everybody!

We’re finally set to sell Solo Mono. Just go to dirkhamilton.com and order up. This is an album that’s dear to my heart. I’ve always wanted to make a solo studio album and here it finally is.
Thug of Love Live is also now available. It’s a nicely packaged CD and DVD from a recent Italian tour I did with the American band celebrating the 30th anniversary of Elektra Records’ Thug of Love. 30th anniversary!?

IMPORTANT NOTICE: My sbcglobal email account was hacked a few weeks ago. I apologize to everyone who has tried to contact me in the last month.

The email address to use is dirk@dirkhamilton.com. I also apologize for any junk mail or phishing expeditions you may have been assaulted with. Being an absolute idiot with technology, I feel like a guy who’s been helicoptered into the Amazon rain forest in just my underwear and told to find my way out. It’s especially tough here in Italy because I don’t know any computer experts here I can go to for help. I am really sorry if this problem has caused you any grief. I’ll get it fixed somehow.



Upcoming Dates


25 Luglio

27 Luglio
Piazza Prampolini — Dirk Hamilton & The Bluesmen

4 Agosto
Corona Music Bar — Dirk Hamilton &
The Bluesmen

8 Agosto
Bar Tiffany, Piazza Municipale

10 Agosto
14 Agosto

For more details contact: paride www.rootsmusic@iol.it


Friday 9/7
The Blackwater, Stockton

Saturday 9/8
The Barnyard, Carmel

Thursday 9/13
Songwriters at Play, San Louis Obispo

Friday 9/14
McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica


Friday 10/26
The Sumiswald Festival
Sumiswald, Switzerland (Italian gigs TBA)


Thursday 11/15
The Ashland Tea and Coffee House,
Ashland, Virginia

Friday 11/16
The Psalm Salon, Philadelphia, PA

Saturday 11/17
One World Coffee House, Columbia, MD





For more information: dirkhamilton.com

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