A letter from Dirk

Dirk Hamilton

     So I’ve arrived in California for the May gigs. The new CD, if all goes well, should arrive just in time for the May 11th house concert. It’s called ‘solo mono’. I think it’s good, but ya’ never know how people will respond to a new offering of songs. Sometimes there’s lots of feedback, sometimes not much. Sometimes I love the album and it seems no one else does. “The Relative Health of Your Horse Outside” I loved and so did lots of other people. It feels good to agree with your public but one must be careful not to get too much involved with that. If you start trying to do what you think people want you’re dead as an artist. Now I’m not talkin’ about sales here, I’m talkin’ art. Lots of folks make songs like cobblers make shoes, makin’ styles they think folks’ll buy, but no artist I’ve ever been interested in does. Actually, I can think of an example or two, but when they started catering to the public is exactly when I lost interest in their work. Anyway, ‘solo mono’ is coming out and I should have them at all these gigs coming up. I’ve always wanted to make a solo, studio album and now I’ve done it. It’s got mystery aplenty and silliness and sex and, you know, a bunch of songs.

     What I like most about songs are the songs. I prefer most word-music songwriters solo. I like the unembellished, naked song. The truth is always naked. Anyway, buy it please. I hope you buy it. I need the money. I have to buy my next ticket to Europe and it’s not cheap, especially in the summer. I’ll be selling them at these gigs at a discount. I figure if somebody pays money to get in… they deserve a break somewhere.

     You don’t get a lot of breaks these days. Everything is set up to siphon money to the corporations… notice? I go to Europe for 6 weeks and return to a seventy-dollar water bill among others. That’s because the bill is ‘allocated’ which is a slick way of saying ‘you have to pay for what we’re selling even if you’re not using it’. I didn’t use a drop of water and I have to pay seventy bucks. Fair? Just?

     I don’t pay much attention to adult stuff. I just noticed on my bank statements I was being charged fifteen bucks every month for…. somethin’. When I asked them about it they said that they’d changed the rules so that if you didn’t have enough money in your checking account and savings combined they’d charge you fifteen bucks a month!? I asked them when did they change the rules? They said, just before they started charging the fifteen bucks. I said, where did you notify us? They said in a letter and in an email. I said, you mean in one of those long small print, 6 paragraph lawyer-talk missives they send out that only the most assiduous and boring people in the world ever read? They said yes.They ended up being pretty nice, though. They actually refunded me half the money they took from me which makes them only half-swindlers I guess. We are getting used to it. We have become zombie cows the corporations keep just contented enough to stay money-milkable. A lot of these guys are the corporate whanks that should be behind bars at this point for ruining the economy of the western world, right?

     Almost everything is like that these days. Smoke and mirrors, card tricks. The right wing bastards are working night and day to firmly ensconce the feudal system over our sorry post-liberty-enjoying selves. The Cunning Avaricious have always pretty much controlled everything. Then they name themselves Nobles! Funny, huh?

     Anyway, I’m not like that and you, almost certainly are not either. Buy my album, okay? I’ll get it set up on my website and CD baby and all that as soon as I can.

     Magic is real and Imagination is realer than reality.




Dirk Hamilton Solo Concerts
MAY 2012

Friday, May 11th
Barry’s secret House Concert
Laguna Beach

Saturday, May 12th

(first studio solo album
solo mono
release party)
127 Topanga Blvd.
Door 7:30pm, show 8:00pm
$15 in advance,
$20 at the door
(bring your own)
call Jayni 310-455-3553

Friday, May 18th
13 Main Street
Winters, CA 95694

(first studio solo release
solo mono

Saturday, May 26th
912 Yosemite Street

Stockton, CA 95203 




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