A letter from Dirk


Ciao, Tutti!

So I was supposed to play three concerts in London but was turned away at the border! It was all my bad. I think I’ve gotten a little bit too lax in the world. I shot my mouth off to the authorities at border control at Heathrow, nothing abusive just conversation, and was sent to the ‘Sketchy Bench’ for a couple of hours, then to various interrogation rooms, then I was mug shot and fingerprinted and finally to a big holding cell where I was forced to spend the night under blaring fluorescent lights with a blaring television and various and sundry fellow deportees (some blaring). It was not a good night, despite the ‘free refreshments’ with which they so disingenuously tried to cheer us.
The lights, like lights in jewelry store windows designed to make merchandise sparkle, prevented sleep, also the plastic bus station-type chairs. This big hunk of meat jewelry neither slept nor sparkled. At 5am my air-cop escorts arrived to walk me to my flight back to Texas. Only one of them ended up taking me to the gate. I guess that, after getting to know me, they figured I was exactly who I said I was; a lowly, guitar bum who wanted nothing more than to walk the streets of London and play a few songs. I got along great with all the air-cops. They’re just good folks tryin’ to get along, workin’ for The Man.

So it was all my fault. I’d forgotten about The Man. How can you forget about The Man? If you forget about The Man, he’s got you just where he wants you. Don’t forget about The Man, okay? I’ll be back there in the spring, Mr. Man, and this time with all my bureaucratic ducks in order and more gigs there and in Holland too… that is, of course, if the Fates allow. I never fully believe anything is going to happen until it does. It’s life. You never know.

So Italy was great as usual. I was there 6 weeks and played a bunch of solo gigs and did all my parts for the first ‘Dirk Hamilton and the Bluesmen’ studio CD. We also mastered the new, and only studio solo album I’ve ever made. I’m callin’ it solo/mono.

After I’d completed the unceremonious trip home, I called ‘solo/mono’ engineer John Edman who thought I should get on another plane and fly to California and re-do some songs that had technical problems. I did just that, plus we recorded a new song that I’d written in Italy I’d been wishin’ could be on the album (Jan Jan Janet), so that worked out well. “Everything happens for a reason”? Could be. “Whenever one door shuts another one opens”? For sure.

So anyway, the plan is to have‘solo/mono out by May and then to play these California dates. Occupy everything and remember The Man! He’s the reason we need to occupy everything.

P.S. I began most paragraphs with ‘so’ because I heard someone talking about how much they hated when people do that so I decided I should try doin’ it, because I never do it.



Dirk Hamilton Solo Concerts
May 2012

Saturday, May 5th
Michele’s Happy Birthday Bash! (private)

Friday, May 11th
Barry’s secret House Concert

Saturday, May 12th

(first studio solo album solo/mono release party)
127 Topanga Blvd.
Door 7:30pm, show 8:00pm
$15 in advance,
$20 at the door
(bring your own)
call Jayni 310-455-3553

Friday, May 18th
13 Main Street
Winters, CA 95694

(first studio solo release

Saturday, May 26th
912 Yosemite Street

Stockton, CA 95203 




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