A letter from Dirk

     So welcome back to me, everybody! I made it back the day before my daughter’s birthday as promised. It was the usual, intense European adventure. This one was particularly hard travelin’, with lots of long trips in vans, trains and jet planes. We took Ryan Air from Bologna down to a gig in Calabria. Remember “Blade Runner”?  If you haven’t flown Ryan Air, it’s this: Low priced tickets to anywhere in Europe, but then it costs a pile of dough for checked baggage so for musicians it’s not a great deal. The inside is covered with little billboard advertisements. There is no complimentary anything with Ryan and after the crew does their obligatory safety rap, they work like dogs throughout the entire flight trying to sell over priced food and drink, duty free crap, lottery tickets. This airline drops all pretense of service and is the capitalist nightmare incarnate: we were herded into the aircraft and milked like cows. I gotta remember to ask my manager to put Ryan Air dead last on the ‘airline preference’ list.

     I like to be treated with at least a semblance of respect by the companies I patronize. Southwest tries, and I’m hoping their ideal of service and courtesy will become a business model for other corporations, but that seems unlikely. We are seeing the dawning of Blade Runner World. You can be treated with respect but that, of course, costs money and who’s got that anymore? On the transatlantic flight to Europe I almost missed the plane and, having no place to put me, they flopped me down in first class which, of course, was way cool, but it only served to intensify the pain (I’m about 6’4”) and indignity of traveling economy on all my subsequent flights. Hrrmph.

     I sang a duet with Neapolitan artist ‘Blandizzi’ for his new album project last summer, so this summer I trained down to Naples to be with him in the video of that track (“Siamo Lontani”). That was fun cuz it’s a great song and he’s one of my favorite guys and everybody involved was an easy goin’ like to laugher. The next night we performed the tune together at a solo gig I had at a cool, new club called ‘Good Fellas’. Naples is an intense city. The center is architecturally beautiful but that city is a constant chaos of traffic jams, people yellin’ at each other, people on scooters always almost killing or being killed. Garbage is everywhere like stinky hills and mountains in an exhaust fume fog bank. Blade Runner. I have a love/hate thing with that city. The Neapolitans think Naples is the center of the universe and that everyone in the world wishes they lived there. They remind me of Texans in that respect.

     We played the perfect gig in Modena. It was an outdoor gig in a beautiful park. The weather was pleasant, the stage huge, the lighting great, the sound stupendous. I later found out that the audience was 2,000 strong but you could hear a pin drop when the dynamics dropped down to whispery in a song. We’re doing a bunch of new original songs now and Dirk Hamilton and The Bluesmen have never been stronger. We have to find a way to make a new record… ASAP!

     I played 18 shows in Europe this summer, 11 were with the band. I felt good about every show I played. Mr. Magic was especially generous this tour.

     The last band gig was in “ La Rocca”, a pretty little castle in Cento. My buddy Steve and I left for Bern, Switzerland for the last show immediately after that concert. It was a solo gig and that trip was an entirely different, bizarre adventure. Remind me to tell you about it sometime (it ends well). Hang in there, guys… it’s all a fairytale!

Love, Dirk





Fri 9/9 — WINTERS, CA
13 Main Street, 95694
(530) 795-1825
(Solo Show)

Sat 9/10 — STOCKTON, CA
3 - 8 pm (Dirk Hamilton Band plays at 6 pm)
3536 Rainer Avenue
(the old Delta Keeper place)
This is a benefit for the
Waldo Wildlife Reserve
$20.00 admission


For more information: dirkhamilton.com

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