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"Siamo Lontani"

A letter from Dirk

Greetings! I've just recently returned from idyllic Laguna Beach, California! 

     The Waldofest, which was cancelled due to dirty weather, has been rescheduled to take place on Saturday, September 10. I'm back now from the gigs in California. They were all great or at the least pretty darn cool. I met lots of good, new folks, lots of dear old friends, and I feel I faced all challenges with a brave and shining heart — emerging from each battle and bumping unscathed... nay, fortified!

     Thanks one and all for coming. When in doubt, I have always gleaned from the quality of the people who appreciate my music, a validation that has encouraged me to believe I was probably not the deluded mook with a guitar that I sometimes feared I was. Really, thanks so much for your support. May all of you be blessed, and may we all meet someday in The Sweet Forever for hotdogs and beer (if eating and drinking actually happens there, if not… we’ll doubtless figure out something else even cooler to do).

     At right is the July/August European Tour Schedule. If you might actually be in Europe, or if you have friends there who need clarification on exactly where these shows are, please send an email to this address: webmaster@dirkhamilton.com. The gig on August 20 is a solo concert in Bern, Switzerland.

    Health, wealth and eternal sunshine to all your spotless minds (which reminds me to thank you, John Campbell, for being my trusty sidekick and spiritual bread man on this little adventure and, in fact, this entire year! YOU are the true professional, Sir!)






12 Luglio — FERRARA
Tiffany Music Bar ‘Solo & Acoustic’

13 Luglio — ARGENTA (FE)
Convento dei Cappuccini
‘Duo with R. Formignani’

14 Luglio — POGGIO PICENZE Poggio
Picenze In Blues – Anteprima –

19 Luglio — BOLOGNA Botanique

Tra fiume e mare festival

30 Luglio — POLISTENA (RC)
Rock Blues Festival

Panama Beach

6 Agosto — MODENA Giardini

10 Agosto — FERRARA
Tiffany Music Bar ‘Solo & Acoustic’

13 Agosto — GROMO (BG)
Andar per Musica

17 Agosto — CAMPODIMELE (LT)
Anfiteatro Naturale

19 Agosto — CENTO (FE) Rocca

20 Agosto — Svizzera ‘Solo & Acoustic’
(Dirk Hamilton Solo, Bern SWITZERLAND)


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