A letter from Dirk


Hey, Everyone-

    So the new Bluesmen album has finally been released.  The Bluesmen is the group I front in Italy every summer. They are all great musicians and great guys. Roberto Formignani is the leader of the band.  He plays phenomenal lead guitar.  We’ve become close friends over the years and I love him like a brother. Roberto loves lead guitar solos and I love the sung word.  We butt heads sometimes on this issue. A year or two ago, Roberto Morsiani, the drummer, and I came up with a set we both loved. We presented the new set at rehearsal and the group liked it, except I noticed Roberto (I call him Bob) had become uncharacteristically quiet and wasn’t emanating his usual smiling stream of positive energy. When I asked him ‘what’s up?’ after the rehearsal, he blasted out a long spiel containing his personal musical mission statement and how he doesn’t HAVE to do this music and that he doesn’t do it to become famous or for the money, he does it because he LIKES to do it and, at this point, he isn’t LIKING it very much. I was shocked.  I’d never seen Bob upset like this before. Bob is the most levelheaded, good vibe, always fair and in control person I have ever known.  I sometimes call him “Perfect Bob”. He positively radiates light. Anyway, after he had talked himself out, I asked him to tell me exactly what his beef was. He answered enigmatically, “I like to play guitar”. “Okay”, I said, “And I like to sing!” “Ecco!” he said (“There!”). I was baffled… until I got the idea of pulling out the set Morsiani and I had made.  Read through the songs it dawned on me: We had inadvertently eliminated all of the songs containing Bob’s big solos!

     To make a long story short, I apologized to Bob and made it clear that we weren’t even thinking about lead guitar parts when we constructed the set. We were just thinking about the flow of the show. I told him that I knew this wasn’t the ‘Dirk Hamilton Band’ it was ‘Dirk Hamilton and The Bluesmen’, a democracy, and we all had to be happy and that we obviously needed to create another set that would be artistically satisfying to him as well as all of us. We did just that, and everything’s been okay ever since.

     I learned something that day: It’s important to consider other people’s points of view (gurdoo)! This is a lesson I’d learned before but, obviously, hadn’t learned it well enough.  Sometimes my lack of consideration amazes me. I’m trying though, and getting slowly better, I think.

     Anyway, The Bluesmen’s newest album, “REBELS”, was released in Italy a couple months ago. It’s sounds great! Bob produced it in house at “The School of Modern Music” in Ferrara, Italy. I co-wrote a bunch of the songs and sing three of them. Apart from too many lead guitar solos, it’s a nice one!
(That was a JOKE, Bob!)

     One of the songs on the album I wrote all by myself. It’s called “Slow Down Bob”. Basically, it’s a song to Formignani telling him to turn down, slow down and stop playing so fast.

For more information: www.thebluesmen.it

My very best to each and all of you.




May & June 2011


Denver, Colorado
Friday 5/20, 8 pm
Swallow Hill (Tuft Theater)
71 East Yale Avenue


Boulder, Colorado
Saturday, 5/21, 7:30 pm
The Rock N Soul Café
5290 Arapahoe Ave.


Marble Falls, Texas
Tuesday, 5/24, 7:30 pm
River City Grill
700 First Street


Stockton, California
Saturday, 6/4, 3-8pm
The Waldofest
This is the annual benefit for The Waldo Conservancy Fund which was created in honor of long time conservationist, incredible artist and my best buddy
Walt Holt.
3536 Rainier Avenue
(the old Delta Keeper site)
There will be at least three acts and we’ll be playing last (probably about 6:00)

San Pedro, California
Friday, 6/10, 8pm
Alva’s Showroom
1417 W. Eight Street
(Please call for reservations)


Stockton, California
Friday, 6/17, 8:30 pm
The Blackwater Café
912 Yosemite Street
Stockton, California





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