A letter from Dirk

DH 3/19/11
3-19-11 Blackwater Café. Photo by Kelly Lautt

     Hello everybody and thanks to all who came to the California shows we did last month. The Blackwater in Stockton was great as usual. I mentioned that one in the last blast.

     It was the first time we played the new Freight and Salvage in Berkeley and everybody working there was very cool as usual. The new club is absolutely beautiful. It was a weird and real rainy night and I gotta give a special thanks to all you who braved the elements to come out on that Stormy Thursday night. Not only was it a weather night but it was also one of those rare nights where it felt like the stars were in a very particular alignment and the world went surreal. I felt like part of my soul was vacationing who-knows-where and I was only half way in my body. We had phantom technical problems and my one acrylic-ed fingernail kept getting hung up on my guitar strings like never before. We still managed to find the zone at some point and, from my perspective; it was a good night all in all.

     McCabe’s in Santa Monica was magical. It was a sold out show and the stars were back in balance. The magic came easy and the sets flowed without effort. I love that venue. May these little outposts of light live on forever.

     After the gigs, I spent an idyllic with friends in Laguna Beach. The weather was perfect. We took long walks in the mountains and on the beaches in the fresh ocean air. I think that surprise vacation kick started for me a recovery from this lung thing I’ve been plagued with for… going on 7 months now. (Thanks, guys!).  
      Alas and alack… weird times are upon us: The Invisible Puppet Masters are well on their way to reinstating the feudal system worldwide. We have earthquakes and nuclear disasters and abounding revolutions in the mid-east and here, in the states, our cartoon politicians juggle and bounce and toot their polka-dot horns against a backdrop of an unnatural global climate crisis the like of which human history has never known. Reverse Chicken Littles run around in crazy little circles shouting, “The sky is NOT falling!” Indeed we are all now recipients of the Chinese Cookie Curse and living in “interesting times”. May they not become too much more interesting, please. 

“The best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity”

Hallelujah Anyway!



May & June 2011

Denver, Colorado
Friday 5/20, 8 pm
Swallow Hill (Tuft Theater)
71 East Yale Avenue


Boulder, Colorado
Saturday, 5/21, 7:30 pm
The Rock N Soul Café
5290 Arapahoe Ave.


Marble Falls, Texas
Tuesday, 5/24, 7:30 pm
River City Grill
700 First Street


Stockton, California
Saturday, 6/4, 3-8pm
The Waldofest
This is the annual benefit for The Waldo Conservancy Fund which was created in honor of long time conservationist, incredible artist and my best buddy Walt Holt.
3536 Rainier Avenue
(the old Delta Keeper site)
There will be at least three acts and we’ll be playing last (probably about 6:00)

San Pedro, California
Friday, 6/10, 8pm
Alva’s Showroom
1417 W. Eight Street
(Please call for reservations)


Stockton, California
Friday, 6/17, 8:30 pm
The Blackwater Café
912 Yosemite Street
Stockton, California





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