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Under the laws of nature we all are outlaws now
Doesn't the ocean
sound just like applause?
So don't talk of love,
I don't wanna hear it
You can see me
in the sun or leave me
to the moonglow

Should we
put it to the test
separate and take a rest?
Do what you think's best and I will acquiesce

I Will Acquiesce
CD: Thug of Love, and performed live on The Relative Health of Your Horse Outside




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Thailand Tsunami Relief

Message from Dirk about Thailand Tsumani Relief:
"If your heart was touched by the tsunami tragedy and you want to help but don't know how, here's the deal: My friend, Gus Reynolds, who owned a live music club in Ao Nang, Thailand that was destroyed by the tidal wave, is now working in a relief orginization that is trying to assist and place orphans of the tsunami. Gus is a straight shooter, you can take my word for it. Any money that goes to them gets to the kids."



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Singer-songwriter Dirk Hamilton is a musician known for intelligent lyrics and passionate performances. With 15 CDs of original songs his style is most often compared to Bob Dylan and Van Morrison.

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