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  Just released in 2016 "Touch and Go" is an album of 13 songs recorded and produced by Rob Laufer in Los Angeles, California. This CD must be ranked among the best of Dirk Hamilton's long and prolific career. The seemingly off handed poetic lyrics for which he is known are set in sparkling new songs and moving performances that inspire just about every emotion of which a sentient homo sapien is capable.

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Sweatshop Piñata


NEW in 2013
Sweatshop Piñata
CD is available for sale at the Dirk Hamilton Store on this site.

This new CD is the first studio album by Dirk and the Italian band he fronts every summer; The Bluesmen. It's like nothing else he's ever done, it's "Most of the Best of Dirk Hamilton and The Bluesmen" and it's been a long time comin'.

This is Dirk’s first-ever solo, studio album.
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Fan Reviews:

"Really enjoying getting into the new CD.  Favourites so far are 'Follow Your Bliss', 'Everybody's Blues',  'Where Are All The Rebels',  'Unreachable' and 'Kalea' – discovering more things I like with each listen, love the way it's gradually revealing itself."
— Dan, London

"I love the songs, and the recording is awesome."
— Hillorie, Los Angeles

"Solo Mono is another masterpiece. It’s raw, and real and nothing distracts from the songs, which are great. You are a real artist without ever sounding like you are trying to be. It amazes me that one of the very few true song poets in the world remains virtually unknown. I suspect yours must be a very hard road, but never quit Dirk."
— Giles, Australia


solo mono

Alias I - Tutte Le Canzoni di Dirk Hamilton 1966-2009
All of Dirk Hamilton's lyrics in English and translated into Italian by native speakers – with a companion
CD of music recorded with Dirk's italian band last Summer. The inclusion of never before heard songs
in the 'Stray Songs' section of the book, at least one of which is sung live on the album makes this a rare treat. A forward by music critic Marco Denti, and a 20-page interview with journalist and music critic
Mauro Eufrosini begins the book, in italian.
ISBN: 978-88-95865-11-9

More Songs From My Cool Life Reviewed by Blair Jackson at MixOnline.com July 2009
..."I picked up some of the albums I’d missed, and enjoyed parts of all of them, but it’s his latest disc, More Songs from My Cool Life, that’s really knocked me out and reminded what an amazing artist he is. Recently I also saw him perform live for the first time since 1980—solo and with a great three-piece band—and that was mesmerizing..." (read the whole article)

New CD Release!


More Songs From My Cool Life
CD is just off the press and will be available for sale at all of Dirk's concerts this month, in advance of the official release date of 4/21/2009.

The album is a 12-song chronicle of diverse experiences from childhood through the raising of his own children, as well as colorful imaginings and pointed commentaries about life in America, past and present. It showcases Dirk's musical and lyrical panache, as well as his comic side.

This new CD was recorded in Los Angeles, live in the studio by The Dirk Hamilton Band: Dirk on vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica, Don Evans on lead guitar, Eric Westphal on bass, and Tim Seifert on drums.


Dirk's new CD, More Songs From My Cool Life, will be available for purchase at all af Dirk's concerts this month before the official 4/21 release, but then it will be available on this site. As of this writing some
CDs in the Dirk Hamilton catalogue are awaiting reprint, but the following are in stock and shipping with
no delay:

More Songs From My Cool Life           


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The Ghost of Van Gogh
CD was released just in time to promote it during Dirk's Winter Italian Tour. It was recorded live in the studio by the same lineup that toured to promote it — The Dirk Hamilton Band, with Dirk on vocals, acoustic guitar and harmonica, Don Evans on lead guitar, Eric Westphal on bass, and Tim Seifert on drums.

This CD came about during what has proved to be a prolific time for Hamilton. New songs were coming to him even as this project was being recorded, and he began recording those as well. He'd also just released two double live CDs in close succession: The Relative Health of Your Horse Outside with The Dirk Hamilton Band, and Sometimes Ya' Leave the Blues Out on the Road with the Bluesmen.


Sensing that this newest wave of songs was progressing quickly, at one point he even debated which album to release first. Then, on one of his days off during his tour in Italy last summer, he played the recordings of The Ghost of Van Gogh project with the intention of listening to it fresh for the first time in many months. That apparently cinched his decision, and Ghost was earmarked for immediate mastering, packaging and release. Hamilton returned from Italy in August with that project rolling forward for a release right before The Dirk Hamilton Band toured Italy in December.

Ghost is a fine CD, taking its place in a long line of Dirk Hamilton's best, possessing a flow from one song to the next that builds a sense that you've been through something memorable with him as a person and as an artist. From the rousing title track to the evocative 'Thailand', on to the uplifting but indicting 'Meadow', rocking through Hamilton's pained recall "I was desperate to dream..." in 'Too Tired to Sleep', and all the way to basking in the oasis that is 'Caterpillars in My Ears' — a very enjoyable musical voyage and a great CD to introduce to people who may not be familiar with the Dirk Hamilton catalogue.

The CD showcases the creative expertise of The Dirk Hamilton Band lineup, and the production value is flawless. All 12 songs are musically infectious and are peppered with the wit, honesty and humanity that Dirk's followers have come to recognize as hallmarks of his music.



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Singer-songwriter Dirk Hamilton is a musician known for his intelligent lyrics and passionate performances. With 17 CDs of original songs his style is most often compared to Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen or Bruce Springsteen.

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